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Agrochemical Transnational Corporations and Human Rights Violations


The Danger of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetable in Kids and Adults - The Dr Oz Show

A well balanced opinion on about the potential dangers of pesticides from Dr Oz Show. The benefits of Organic vs conventional fruits and vegetables. How much changes do we need to make?

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News & Updates

#PesticidesFreeWorld for Children: Online campaign against pesticides launched on International Children’s Day 2014
19 November 2014 / PAN Asia Pacific

PENANG, Malaysia – To mark the International Children’s Day today, regional advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) launched an online campaign in ten countries to raise public awareness on the detrimental impact of pesticides on children.


Organizations Urge Supermarkets to Refuse GMOs in Order to Save the Butterflies
10 September 2014 / Progressive Journalism for Positive Action

GeneWatch UK called on supermarkets across Great Britain this past week to urge them to wake up to the harm that Monsanto's RoundUp ready crops are causing to the environment and to Monarch butterfly habitats at large.


Food crop wild relatives endangered
8 September 2014 By Maria Dasi Espuig Science reporter

Scientists have released the most complete database of the wild relatives of common food crops. These wild relatives are closely related to our crops, but grow naturally under a wide range of environmental conditions. This makes them essential for the development of more resistant and adaptable food sources. (Read - WITHOUT GMO)


Guatemala Rejects U.S. Trade Law Protecting Monsanto and GMOs
7 September 2014 - By Heather Callaghan, Global Research

Big Biotech's promise to feed the world, by squeezing out every other choice against the will of the impoverished people intended as the target - is beyond cruel and exploitative. It is another way that the U.S. occupies other countries. How else are other people in these countries supposed to view multiple soft-sanctions on food, but as an act of …?


Guatemala farmers rally against US trade deal
7 September 2014

Farmers fear that the free trade agreement will force them to buy seeds from multinationals and lead them into poverty. The law, which is a requirement of a trade agreement between the US and several Central American countries, will allow companies to create and patent new varieties of Guatemalan plants. Al Jazeera's David Mercer reports from Guatemala City.


Beekeepers file suit against pesticide makers Syngenta and Bayer
Sep. 3, 2014 - ERIC ATKINS, Globe and Mail update (includes correction)

Beekeepers in Ontario have launched a lawsuit against two big chemical companies, alleging their pesticides have caused widespread bee deaths that have driven up costs and reduced honey production. The honey makers allege that Syngenta AG and Bayer CropScience were "negligent" in the "design, sale manufacture and distribution" of neonicotinoid pesticides.