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Agrochemical Transnational Corporations and Human Rights Violations


HARDtalk - Mark Lynas British author, journalist and environmental activist

This interview with Mark Lynas further exemplifies the challenges faced by the Anti-GMO campaigners. While Stephen systematically questions Mark on the issues of GM, it can be said that GM companies have done their homework and have an answer for all issues whether right or wrong.

Part 1

Watch Part 2 and other videos here.

News & Updates

Illegal GM food raises concerns
April 02, 2014

The Hainan provincial agriculture department said that nine corn and cotton samples out of 107 specimens were identified as genetically engineered and that they were destroyed immediately in late December, 2014. Since the GM seeds were imported, its highly likely that the GM seeds were supplied by Mosanto and Syngenta.

Chinese Police Bust GM Corn Smugglers as GMO Crisis Deepens
December 22, 2013

Beyond trying to convince Governments and farmers to shun Genetically Modified seeds, the problems deepen as now smugglers have no qualms to flood the illegal market with illegal GM variety seeds. The smuggled corn seeds were reported to be from Monsanto and Syngenta varieties.

Child Deaths in India Put Spotlight on Pesticides - A Case Gone Cold?

We are now approaching the 1st anniversary of the tragic death of over 23 poor innocent children in Bihar, India. All they did was have the daily free mid-day meals at Dharmasati Primary School in Chapra on July 16, 2013. Is this a case of a tragedy gone cold? What steps has been taken to prevent this tragedy from happening in the future?